About us

Center for Democratic Orientation

Center for Democratic Orientation (CDOR) is an association formed on the enthusiasm of students of elementary and postgraduate studies, members of the free professions, the media sector, and responsible individuals from different fields who in social activism not only see civic duty, but also the privilege of man as a political being.

The vision that social activism brings out, on one hand, under the duty, and on the other hand under the privilege, is based on the correlation of its basic determinants: the socio - political community and the citizen.

We are aware that social processes are not determined, and that the quality and survival of such a balance in society depends on the relationship of forces in it. Combative and determined, we are ready to stand on a historical point that will guarantee the dominance of our inborn, as well as the social struggle of the rights and obligations enabled.

We know that the association of young people, as a rule, carries the grouping of ideas and energy with them, and that the addressee of utility is a socio-political community as a whole, and therefore we believe that the pillars on which it rests continuously must be preserved and improved.

These columns are reflected in:

– the rule of law
– the culture of dialogue
– political tolerance
– promoting democracy
– creating public policies
– international cooperation.

In our public action, we will insist on these values, as well as on the constant activation of all citizens, primarily young people.

Only such action is a guarantee of a competitive and quality community, which is not only our ideal, but the practical need of the whole society.